The Vintage Wisdom Oracle

The Vintage Wisdom Oracle

People gathered to ask for the gods’ messages through dreams and divination in ancient times. Many cultures have retained this tradition into the present day – it is even practiced in some religions today!

Dreams are very personal experiences that vary from person to person. We all dream at different levels, so what one person may consider a meaningful dream, another may view as nonsense. It can be tricky when trying to interpret a dream.

Luckily for us, many historical sages have spent their lives studying dreams and developing theories about them. These individuals have written down their insights and shared their knowledge with others.

There are several types of dream interpretation, including psychoanalytic, mythological, alchemical, and planetary. Each has its strengths and weaknesses, and most combine more than one theory within them.

Along with having a specific theme, another important part of any oracle-style reading is looking into the symbols used for each card. These can include pictures, shapes, colors, and even numbers!

Many types of oracles tell you something about your life, but they’re not necessarily positive. Some people consider negative oracles to be more powerful than positive ones because what they teach you is sometimes hard to believe or apply to the real world, but the lessons from oracle cards can still help you improve yourself.

The Vintage wisdom of the oracle is rich in symbolic detail, exquisite montages, combine artfully blended images of French photographs, wildflowers, nature totems, and delicate lace. They provide evocative insights and timeless feminine wisdom.

Mindy has been a gifted Psychic Medium and Empath for over 42 years. She has been helping co-workers and all kinds of people throughout her lifetime, and she has always been very humble and grateful for this gift. She is an expert in using the unique vintage wisdom of oracle to help her clients.